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Kagyu Ngöndro Practice Group

Welcome to the Kagyu Ngöndro Practice & Study Group This practice group brings together participants in the Siddhartha’s Intent Kagyu Ngöndro Gar with CTR lineage tantrikas.

The Diamond Path

Photo: Lake Louse, Alberta – site of the 1979 Seminiary – by Marvin Moore In this course, we will listen to seven of these talks

Chakrasamvara Resources

Enrollment is not immediate because we must first verify your practice history. This usually happens within a day or so. You will receive a “Welcome”

Part 2: Sustaining Mahamudra Practice

Every 2nd Wednesday for four sessions beginning October 26, 7:00 PM Eastern This course is a continuation of Part 1: Sustaining Mahamudra Practice, March –

Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche Lungs

In the summers of 1997 and 1998, KTGR completed his presentation on Mahamudra and continued to transmit the most profound teachings from the practice lineage

Mahamudra Aspiration of Rangjung Dorje

Rangjung Dorje’s Mahamudra Aspiration is an extraordinarily pithy and comprehensive text. Not only does the text elucidate the ground, path, and fruition of mahamudra, but

Teachings on the Mahayana

Photo of Changling Rinpoche by Marvin Moore Changling Rinpoche will teach on the mahayana Saturday and Sunday morning, March 26 & 27. As the abbot

Profound Simplicity

What does it mean to live simply and genuinely? How can we incorporate Buddhist wisdom into our everyday lives? This course examines how to harness

Part 1: Sustaining Mahamudra Practice

This series of six sessions will focus on strengthening our familiarity with the mahamudra practices presented in Moonbeams and deepening our personal experience of key

Mahayana Explorations

Please Note: New Schedule for Part II Below Mar 13 – No Class: Milarepa Day Mar 20 – Class 7: Yogacara Mar 27 – No

Ngondro Study Class

We will study talks that Trungpa Rinpoche gave to new prostrators. These talks explore subjects that are foundational to our understanding of the vajrayana path.

The Kitchen Sink Series

This series will explore Trungpa Rinpoche’s basic teachings on mindfulness and awareness as they manifest in the details of our relationship with ourselves and the

Vajra Assembly: Ground, Path & Fruition

During the period from 1976 to 1983, the Vidyadhara conducted fourteen Varjra Assemblies for students that had completed Vajrayana Seminary. The first of these, entitled

Four Ways of Working with Kleshas

This six-week class will meet on Monday evenings to explore the four traditional ways of working with mental defilements or kleshas: abandoning, remedying, transforming and

Vajrayogini Resources

Enrollment is not immediate because we must first verify your practice history. This usually happens within a day or so. You will receive a “Welcome”

Road Trip II: Maitri, Coming Back Home

Maitri or Loving Kindness, was central to Trungpa Rinpoche’s presentation of basic Buddhadharma and unique in its focus on beginning with oneself. Over the 4

Spring Nyinthun

Join us for a day of online group practice on Saturday March 27 9:30 – 5:00 pm Eastern. The day will include meditation, a talk

1976 Seminary Discussion Group

Over the coming months, the Chronicles is posting the nineteen hinayana/mahayana talks of the 1976 Seminary, one talk at a time. Listen to the Talks

The Feminine Principle

We are all held within and hold within us the feminine principle. Whether our bodies are female or male by birth, whether we identify with

Road Trip: Part I

Tour the twists, turns, dead ends and wayside stopovers of our Buddhist journey. Topics will include but not be limited to: doubts and resistance teachers

Development Stage Practice

Changling Rinpoche has generously offered to teach sadhakas on the topic of development stage practice. He will be joining us from India, as he did

Torma Workshop with Phil Karl

Phil Karl will conduct a hands-on torma making workshop on Saturday, January 16 at 1:00 Eastern. Phil completed the three-year retreat at Sopa Choling, Gampo

Exploring Bodhichitta: Part One

The text for the course is Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness, by Chogyam Trungpa. It’s available in hardcover, digital, and audio editions. It is

Demystifying the Protector Chants

There have always been questions surrounding the protector chants. These are open-ended questions that we should continue to ask ourselves and each other; this course

Mindfulness and Awareness

Breaking News: We are delighted to announce that Changling Rinpoche will teach a third session of this course on December 12 at 7:30 AM Eastern. The


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