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According to the Vidyadhara, our understanding of the three lineages begins with our relationship with the teacher. It begins with a sense of awake, or at least of yearning or inquisitiveness. It develops by means of emotional magnetism, which makes us want to be in closer and closer touch with the teachings. And from there, we begin to commit ourselves to vajrayana discipline.

Studying the three lineage teachings can help us to deepen our understanding of the nature and levels of vajrayana transmission. These teachings illuminate levels of the teacher-student relationship, but they also speak to how we experience levels of our own mind and its dharmakaya, sambhogakaya, and nirmanakaya potentialities.

The Three Lineages Vajra Assembly was the second of the fourteen Vajra Assemblies the Vidyadhara presented during his time in North America. Group practice sessions were an essential component of these gatherings, creating a powerful and celebratory atmosphere in which to study and explore these profound teachings. In keeping with that tradition, group practice sessions are an essential component of this workshop.*

In this workshop there will be a mix of talks, group practice, listening to recordings of the Vidyadhara, and reading of the transcripts in a transmission style.

*OCEAN will provide a shrine room for morning group practice sessions. During practice sessions, you are welcome to do group sitting or ngöndro and sadhana practices, either on your own or with other tantrikas in a self-organized group. Please join us for an exploration of this profound material.

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