The Three Yana Journey

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The Indian Roots of Mahāmudrā

Mahāmudrā, the Great Seal, is a vital “term of art” in Tibetan Buddhism, where it typically connotes the view of the ultimately empty nature of

Basic Buddhism: an ABC Approach

This weekly course will be based on both the early teachings of Trungpa Rinpoche in “Cutting through Spiritual Materialism”, “Myth of Freedom”, etc., as well

Saraha and Sahaja

Saraha was a mahasiddha, a founder of the mahamudra tradition of Indian tantric Buddhism, and, along with Tilopa, Krishnacharya, and others, a key figure in

Prajna and Upaya

Three Tuesdays at 7:00 pm Eastern starting September 19. We will listen to Rinpoche’s three talks together and, as always, there will be time for

The Diamond Path

Photo: Lake Louse, Alberta – site of the 1979 Seminiary – by Marvin Moore In this course, we will listen to seven of these talks

Mahamudra Aspiration of Rangjung Dorje

Rangjung Dorje’s Mahamudra Aspiration is an extraordinarily pithy and comprehensive text. Not only does the text elucidate the ground, path, and fruition of mahamudra, but


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