If you are new to Ocean, the first step is registration. Registration is free and requires only your name and email address. You can also login or register using your Facebook or Google account. If you already have an Ocean account, please .

Once you are logged in, you can sign up for courses and participate in practice sessions. All practice sessions are free of charge. Courses are available by donation.

If you are new to Ocean and would like to participate in restricted classes, please take a moment to answer these questions so that we can make the appropriate courses available to you. Existing Ocean members, who have participated in restricted classes in the past, do not need to answer these questions again.

What's New?

Starting a Course​

Ocean courses are held online, most meet weekly.

Courses have a forum for discussions, and courses related documents, audios and videos. Most live courses are recorded in case you miss one.

Where to find “My Courses”

After joining a course, the word “Enrolled” will appear on the course image. You can always find a list of your courses by clicking the button below. This button is also found at the top of the Courses page.

You will need to be to access your courses.

Launching Zoom

With the launch of this new site, everyone needs to to Ocean to access classes and practice sessions on Zoom.

Up until now, we have been posting direct links to zoom sessions on public pages and emails, and leaving zoom links unprotected and widely accessible. Luckily we have not had very many problems resulting from this way of doing things. However, we don’t want to rely on our good fortune. 

Entering a Practice Session

You will need to to access the Shrine Rooms. You can also login and register through your Facebook or Google accounts.

In addition to the Main Ocean Shrine Room (where we host  practices that are open to all), we now have a Vajrayana Shrine Room for restricted practices.

The Practice Calendar (top menu) is updated on Sundays.


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