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This five-week course will use Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s text, THE PATH IS THE GOAL. Taken from two seminars in 1974, one held in NYC and the other at Karme Choling, they represent Trungpa Rinpoche’s foundational teachings on the view and practice of Samatha Vipashayana. The course will be comprised of presentations based on close readings of the text with ample time for discussion.


  1. January 12: please read chapters 1 and 2 in The Path is the Goal. I recommend that you read each chapter straight through and then read a second time, perhaps taking notes of highlights as you go along. I look forward to meeting with you. David
  2. January 19: please reread chapter 2 and contemplate the four aspects of mindfulness.
  3. January 23: Hello all, although we have no class this week I would like you read talk 3- the Star of Bethlehem. Also some of you asked about the DKR samatha talks I referenced,  they are from 1994 in Vancouver. Anyone interested in listening to them please email me at
  4. Readings for February 2: We will shift into part 2 of the book so please read
    – chap 1, Me-ness and the Emotions
    – chap 2, Recollecting the Present
  5. Readings for Feb. 9:
    – chap 3- The Portable Stage Set
    – chap 4- Boredom- Full or Empty

    1. Readings for Feb. 16: Chapters 5, 6, 7
      I would like to emphasize Chap. 6- Loneliness, next week so I suggest a close reading if you have the time. – David

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