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For those of you new to this practice, some training is required before you can practice this text or purchase a copy of the text.

These requirements are described below.

The requirements to join this group on Ocean are the same as the requirements to purchase the text on the Nalanda Translation Committee site.

Please click “Contact Us” which appears on every main Ocean page if you have any questions.


The Sadhana of Mahamudra text is available for purchase from the Nalanda Translation Committee as follows:

  1. Tantrikas (those who have received pointing-out instruction) may purchase this without any further study or authorization. No lung (reading transmission) or abhisheka (empowerment) is required.
  2. Others need to have studied this text in some fashion. Any such study is sufficient—whether in a course, weekend intensive, or even a one-day introduction, preferably by someone who is experienced in its practice.

In general, the Vidyadhara strongly recommended that this practice be done primarily in a group, rather than as individual practice. More experienced vajrayana practitioners may feel that individual practice is appropriate. There is no official policy on such things.

This forum is restricted to members of the associated course(s).