The Teachings of Khenpo Gangshar

This is a recorded 4-week course of contemplating several of the pith instructions of Khenpo Gangshar Wangpo, one of the main teachers of Chögyam Trungpa

Chariot of Liberation

Very stimulating and helpful discussions of Kagyu ngondro practice with about fifty students, guided by two seasoned discussion leaders.

Contemplating the Pith Instructions

This is a recorded course of our contemplation of several of the pith instructions of two great meditation masters of the 20th century, Khenpo Gangshar

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism

Join this exploration of Trungpa Rinpoche’s seminal work: Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism. The class is open to anyone with an interest in meditation practice and

The Sacred Path

In this tradition, we speak of “warriorship” as the path of bravery and gentleness, the essence of which is nonaggression, “victory over war.” This path

Glimpses of Realization

The three kayas, or bodies of the Buddha, express the entire vibrant spectrum of enlightenment, from the beginningless primordial ground to the smallest details in

Battle of Ego

In this recorded course, we will explore the simple reality that, moment to moment, we all search, struggle, grasp, hope, fear and spin around, chasing


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