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The three kayas, or bodies of the Buddha, express the entire vibrant spectrum of enlightenment, from the beginningless primordial ground to the smallest details in front of us, and are foundational to the study and practice of the Vajrayana. In this class, we listened to and discussed the audiotapes of a seminar entitled “The Three Bodies of Enlightenment.”

The six talks, given in 1975 point freshly again and again to the vastness of the trikaya and the immediacy of it in our own experience. They have been published as Glimpses of Realization. Open to Vajrayana practitioners from all lineages.

The talks are:

  • Why We Are Here at All
  • Cosmic Disaster
  • Self-Existing Grin
  • Light-Heartedness
  • Loose and Awake
  • Buddha is Everywhere