Basic Buddhism: an ABC Approach

This weekly course will be based on both the early teachings of Trungpa Rinpoche in “Cutting through Spiritual Materialism”, “Myth of Freedom”, etc., as well

Four Ways of Working with Kleshas

This six-week class will meet on Monday evenings to explore the four traditional ways of working with mental defilements or kleshas: abandoning, remedying, transforming and


Demystifying the Protector Chants

There have always been questions surrounding the protector chants. These are open-ended questions that we should continue to ask ourselves and each other; this course

Abhidharma in the Context of Practice

The abhidharma has been described as a systematic analysis and understanding of the Buddha’s teachings. Although abhidharma texts can be quite complex and detailed, this

Vajrayogini in a Nutshell 

  This eight-session class will meet biweekly, and cover the following topics: Brief historical background and presentation of the lineage of the Vajrayogini practice The


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