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The abhidharma has been described as a systematic analysis and understanding of the Buddha’s teachings. Although abhidharma texts can be quite complex and detailed, this course has a pragmatic goal: to present abhidharma in the context of practice. In particular, we will examine what the abhidharma has to say about working with kleshas.

In the first part of the course, we will examine the principles related to the first two noble truths:

  • skandhas,
  • dhatus and ayatanas,
  • mind and mental events,
  • causes, conditions, effects,
  • dependent origination,
  • momentariness,
  • karmic cause and effect.

In the second part, we will harness what we have learned in the first part to explore (a) the nature and functioning of mental defilements (kleshas) and (b) the different strategies of working with them.

In the third part, we will explore what seeing reality properly means from the abhidharma point of view.

Most classes will include meditation practice.

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