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In this class, we will discuss and explore each of the Vajrayogini lineage holders, according to the long supplication (pages 18–32) in our Vajrayogini sadhana.

  • Class 1, January 24: Vajradhara, Ratnamati, Sahara,
  • Class 2, January 31: Nāgārjuna, Śavaripa, Maitrīpa, Tilopa,
  • Class 3, February 7: Nāropa, Marpa, Milarepa, Gampopa,
  • Class 4, February 14: From Tüsum Khyenpa (Karmapa I) to Paljor Töntrup (Gyaltsap I),
  • Class 5, February 21: From Chödrak Gyatso (Karmapa VII) to Changchub Dorje (Karmapa XII),
  • Class 6, February 28: From Chökyi Jungne (Situ VIII) to Chökyi Gyatso (Trungpa XI)
  • NEW! Added class, Monday, March 7.


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