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At any level of practice, insight (prajñā or jñāna) into the nature of mind and into the nature of reality plays a crucial role. But if so:

  • What do we really mean here by prajña and jñāna?
  • What is the difference between prajña and jñana?
  • How are prajñā or jñāna experienced, practiced, and realized both in meditation and in post-meditation?

Furthermore, in some Mahayana texts and many Vajrayana practices and commentaries, the five wisdoms (jñāna) are of utmost importance. But if this is the case, it seems to be especially important to develop a clear and intimate understanding of them. For example:

  • What do we really mean by the five wisdoms and what are their distinctive features?
  • Why do we seem to need five of them? Would one not be enough?
  • What is their specific nature?
  • What is their specific function?
  • What is their specific object?
  • When are they meant to be realized?
  • How do they deal with kleshas, obscurations, etc.?

This course will address these questions based on the Buddhabhumisutra — the classical Mahayana text on this subject. The discussion will address the five wisdoms both in the context of meditation and in post-meditation and daily life.

Who can attend: The class will be restricted to Tantrikas and Sadhakas who have received the pointing-out instruction from a recognized vajrayana lineage holder.
Host: KCCL and Ocean.
Cost  US $80

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