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The goal of this class is to increase, on the one hand, our familiarity with the general layout and meaning of our daily Vajrayogini self-visualization practice, and on the other hand to develop a deeper understanding of each line.

The class series will be based both on the English translation of the sadhana by the Nalanda Translation Committee as well as on the Tibetan original text of it. In particular, we will take recourse to Khenpo Karthar’s sublime and intimate Vajrayogini line-by-line commentary, as well as our 2003 Vajrayogini Sadhana Manual.

We estimate that we will be able to go through the entire daily self-visualization practice in six gatherings.

Prerequisite: Open to sadhakas who have received the Vajrayogini abhisheka, and have their own copy of the Sadhana of the Glorious Coemergent Mother, by the Sixth Karmapa, Thongwa Tonden.

Class dates: 2021
Jan. 11, Jan. 18, Jan. 25, Feb. 1, Feb. 8, and Feb. 15, Feb. 22, Mar. 1.
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About the Instructors

Lodrö is a student of the late Ven. Trungpa Rinpoche and of Dzogchen Pönlop Rinpoche. Born 1952 in Germany, he received his first ordination in the Karma Kagyü Sangha in 1984, France, and then moved to Gampo Abbey, Canada. From 1985–2002 he served as Secretary of International Kagyü Sangha Association of Buddhist Monks and Nuns and published its magazine The Profound Path of Peace. He completed the traditional three year retreat in 1996 and a four year study retreat in 2003. He also served for a few years as Acting Director of Gampo Abbey, was one of the co-founders of Nitartha Institute and served as chair of Vidyadhara Institute, the monastic college of Gampo Abbey, since its inception. His focus of study is in the systematic traditions of Buddhist Abhidharma. He has translated and published—under the supervision of Prof. Ernst Steinkellner —Erich Frauwallner’s The Philosophy of Buddhism (Motilal). He is the general editor and main translator of The Collected Works of Louis de La Vallée Poussin, of which Volume I: Abhidharmakośa-Bhāṣya of Vasubandhu, was published in 2012, and Volume II: Vijñapti-mātratā-siddhi. A Commentary (Cheng WishLun) on Vasubandhu’s Triṃśikā by Xuanzang, was published in 2017. He was also engaged for several years in translating the Collected Works of Prof. Lambert Schmithausen. As President of Karma Changchub Ling, he is presently engaged in establishing it as a monastic centre of the Karma Kagyü lineage.

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