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This eight-session class will meet biweekly, and cover the following topics:
  1. Brief historical background and presentation of the lineage of the Vajrayogini practice
  2. The Vajrayogini principle and what it means “to arise as” or “to be” Vajrayogini during sadhana practice
  3. The inseparability of the three types of Vajrayogini as presented by the Sixth Karmapa, Tongwa Töndon, the composer of our Vajrayogini sadhana
  4. The visualization of the protection circle & the body of Vajrayogini & the sources of dharmas & the principle of visualization
  5. Self-visualization, vase-visualization, and front-visualization: what is common, what is different
  6. Four ways of working with kleshas
  7. Hand-offering
  8. Four offerings and praises
  9. The preliminaries of the abhisheka section & the abhisheka section itself
  10. The feast section

Hosted by: Ocean and KCCL

Image Credit: Vajrayogini painted by the 17th Karmapa.

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