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The primary aim of the series is to support our exploration and implementation of mahāmudrā vipaśyanā instructions. Using the techniques of vipaśyanā, we can go beyond technique in our own practice to fully recognize what was revealed during the profound pointing-out instructions.

As Saraha says:

Look: mind itself reveals suchness to itself.

Each session will include an introductory talk, guided meditation, and breakout group discussion.

During the intervening two weeks, it is expected that everyone will spend some time delving into the practice instructions.

Required text: Moonbeams of Mahāmudrā, translated by Elizabeth Callahan

Reading Assignments

September 30

Session 1: Determining the Essence of Mind-itself
Core reading: pp. 226 – top of 233
Additional readings, can be done before or after first session: pp. 215 – top of 224 and 233-237

October 14

Session 2: Determining the Nature of Thoughts
Core reading: pp. 242-243
Additional reading, can be done before or after the session: pp. bottom of 237 – 242

October 28

Session 3: Determining the Nature of Appearances
Reading: pp. pp. 243-244

November 11

Session 4: Concluding That Thoughts Are Mind-Itself
Reading: pp. 245 – mid-246

November 25

Session 5: Concluding That Appearances Are Mind-Itself
Reading: pp. mid-246 – 247

December 9

Session 6: Cutting Through the Roots of Stillness and Movement Within Mind-Itself
Reading: pp. 247- top of 250

January 6

Session 7: Concluding That Everything That Arises Is Uborn
Reading: pp. 250 – 252

January 20

Session 8: Final Session
Reading: pp. 253-258

Course Content

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About the Instructors

Elizabeth Callahan began her contemplative training and Tibetan studies in 1977, and completed two three-year retreats at Kagyu Thubten Chöling, New York, under the direction of Kalu Rinpoche. She is a student of Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, and has translated key texts of the Karma Kagyu tradition, including Mahamudra: Ocean of Definitive Meaning, Profound Inner Principles, and, most recently, Moonbeams of Mahamudra. She has been a Tsadra Foundation Fellow since 2002 and is the director of the Tsadra Foundation Studies Scholarship Program.

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