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If you do not see the “Start Course” button on this page, either

  1.  you are not logged in (you should see the button “My Courses” in the upper right if you are logged in), or
  2. you must go through the process of joining the mandala of students with the transmission.

Joining the mandala:

If you are already a member of Ocean, you may have skipped the original registration questionnaire linked at the bottom of this page.

If you are not sure, please fill out the form again! (We will have to go back and forth by email to ask you to do this if we do not see your answers in your account already).

If you do not see the form below, .

Then what?

After you send your answers to the questionnaire (either during registration or by filling out the form below), we will adjust your account settings. We may need to contact you for specifics about your transmission.

At this point, we will set your account accordingly and you will get an email notification that your account is now classified in the appropriate way.

This process happens usually within a day.

Then to return to this page, simply click on “My Courses” on any main Ocean page and you will see this page called Mandala Tantra Students of the Vidyadhara. (This page is hidden from the public and is not found any other way).

Why must we do this process?

We need to go through this verification process because we have been charged with the security of the tantric teachings.

  • Please note that whenever you join a vajrayana class or group of any level, we check these account settings. That is why there is always a delay before you receive the welcome email.



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