Pricing, discounts and the payment process

We have had a number of inquiries over the past few days about our pricing and discount policies, as well as practical questions regarding how to  join a class, request a discount, make a donation, and complete the payment process.

Class fees are set quite low, basically just $10 for each class session. So if a class meets six times, the cost of the class is $60. We know that for a number of reasons, some people will need to pay less, while others would like to offer more. We’ve addressed both of these concerns in the design of the Ocean shopping cart, where you can request a discount or offer a donation before making your payment.

Please keep in mind that class income accounts for less than half of Ocean’s expenses.

For a detailed look at the process of joining a class, requesting a discount, and making a donation, watch the short video below.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. You can do so by clicking “Help” in the left menu.

-Walter Fordham