Guru Yoga Practices

This practice takes place regularly in the Vajrayana Shrine Room.
Enlightened body, speech and mind is within every practitioner, but is often obscured and difficult to experience with certainty. With the right conditions the student gradually finds these characteristics first in their teacher and later in themselves. Cultivating right conditions are the basis for guru yoga— the process of discovering sacred world, and with an open heart, mixing one’s mind with the enlightened essence of the teacher. As taught by Trungpa Rinpoche, devotion and doubt work together to confirm the truth of our experience and to dissolve our obscurations.
Liturgies practiced include:
  • Dharma Sagara
  • Profound Guru Yoga
  • Life Drop of Blessings
  • Sun of Wisdom Guru Yoga
  • Kagyu Ngondro Guru Yoga
  • Guru Yoga for the Four Sessions
  • Glorious Flame of Wisdom, Milarepa Guru Yoga
  • Crying to the Gurus from Afar
  • Stirring the Depths of Hell


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