The Vidyadhara’s Mahamudra and Ati Teachings

Hearing and contemplating the original audio recordings

With Martin Evans

This semester we will be listening to some of the Vidyadhara’s Vajrayana Seminary talks that relate to Mahamudra and Maha Ati. These talks are lively and provocative and stress the experiential aspects of our path. Rinpoche takes a unique approach to these teachings and often the talks feel like a meditation instruction. Please join us in listening to and discussing these recordings.

Read Page 1 of 1984 Vajrayana Seminary, Talk 17, Mind Protection
1981: Talk 20, Discovering Yeshe
1976: Talk 25, Devotion and Mahamudra
1976: Talk 28, Coemergent Wisdom
1979: Talk 23, Mahamudra
1979: Talk 24, Ati
1983: Talk 16, The Four Stages of Ati

From 10/16/2018
To 11/20/2018
Six Tuesdays at 7:00 PM Eastern
Open to Tantrikas of the Vidyadhara

8 Sessions