Avalokiteshvara & Krodhikali Online Practice & Lung Information

The Avalokiteshvara Nonmeditation Sadhana and the Krodhikali Practice are terma texts discovered in Tibet by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Both practices require either the abhisheka from Karma Senge Rinpoche or the reading transmission (lung). In order to receive the lungs students must be tantrikas, and in the case of Krodhikali, Vajrayogini practitioners with a strong connection to Trungpa Rinpoche.

Students who have received the abhishekas from Karma Senge Rinpoche can practice the texts individually. Students with only the lungs can practice only in a group setting, either in-person or online, but only when one or more abhisheka-recipients participate.

Students with either the abhishekas or lungs can purchase the texts from the Nalanda Translation Committee website.

To facilitate group practice for both lung-only and abhisheka-recipients, Ocean and the Nalanda Translation Committee are currently offering online Krodhikali and Avalokiteshvara practices weekly. The exact dates and times of the upcoming sessions will be listed in the Ocean two-week practice calendar email sent out every Sunday from “The Ocean Team”.




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