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In this six-week session of our ongoing study of the Vidyadhara’s Vajrayana Seminary talks, we focused on the 1983 Seminary, known as the “Ati Seminary”. We’ll listen to a selection of six of the talks, including the transmission talk. We begin each class listening to the recording, followed by discussion. Hearing the Vidyadhara’s voice present this material brings his teachings alive as though he were right there speaking to us directly.

About the Instructors

Robert Walker has been a student of the Vidyadhara since 1979, and has been a meditation instructor and teacher of Shambhala dharma and Buddhadharma since 1984. He has been on the faculty and staff of the Naropa psychology departments, an employee of Vajradhatu Publications and Maitri Psychological Services, and co­director of Marpa House in Boulder, Colorado. Currently, Robert works with curriculum, practice, and study for the Shambhala Meditation Group of Southwest Michigan.